Amberg Technologies AG are the global market leader in the area of railway and tunnel surveying and offers products and services through a network of more than 30 partners in over 40 countries. 

Whether it’s a subway tunnel in London, a hydroelectric plant on the Amazon river, the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland or a high-speed rail route in China: construction projects of this magnitude are nothing unusual for Amberg Technologies AG.

For more than 35 years, Amberg Technologies AG has been the leading provider for advanced systems and solutions to collect and enrich civil infrastructure information. 

Amberg Infra 7D is a new global brand that combines market leader experience, best-in-class instruments, latest software solutions and comprehensive digital services covering the whole life cycle of your infrastructure.

The construction industry is transforming rapidly. The fusion of the real and the digital world poses several challenges but also opens up new opportunities for the construction, maintenance and operation of the infrastructure. Digital processes and the digital continuity of data flows will significantly change the way we work. For decades Amberg experts have been providing innovative solutions based on solid know-how on building and maintaining infrastructure all around the globe. Together with our partners and customers we master the challenges of the future embracing tools, processes, and latest working methods.

Amberg Infra 7D is a new joint venture of Amberg Engineering and Amberg Technologies with a clear focus on comprehensive digital services. We build on the competence and experience of the Amberg Group companies in civil engineering, geomatics, software and hardware engineering and provide tailor-made solutions and services to our customers.

Amberg Infra 7D - we think infrastructure in new dimensions.


Measurement systems for railway surveying, which fulfil highest quality, reliability, measurement performance and finally economical requirements.

Comprehensive infrastructure asset management, reliable quality control in the construction and maintenance process as well as knowledge of the condition and requirements of the rail network: these are important elements for a reliable and efficient transport infrastructure.

With the highly modular GRP System FX and the tailored software platform Amberg Rail 3.0 Amberg Technologies provides measurement systems for railway surveying, which fulfil highest quality, reliability, measurement performance and finally economical requirements. Following fields of application are supported: construction and maintenance of slab track and ballast track, as-built survey of existing lines, clearance analysis.


Tunnel Surveying Simplified.

Modern tunnelling is subject to numerous demands: tunnelling companies must keep costs low, finish projects in less time and still keep up with the high quality and safety standards.

Subsequently the main goal is always to optimise the tunnel excavation process and workflows. Efficient, cost-effective surveying solutions are needed, without placing precision and safety at risk. The equipment must be optimally tailored to the specific project requirements and used by the on-site tunnel crew.

The Amberg Tunnel surveying solution from Amberg Technologies supports tunnelling in all construction phases. 

The system solutions under the umbrella name of Amberg Tunnel combine precise measuring instruments with task-specific software. Significant improvements in efficiency are realised, especially in tunnel navigation, tunnel profile measurements, tunnel scanning, geotechnical analysis and as-built tunnel analysis. 

The Amberg Tunnel product portfolio offers to the customer an innovative and reliable solution.


Applied geophysics helps you reduce your uncertainties.

Successful underground construction rely on high-performance paired with latest technology.

Unknown geological hazardous zones can seriously decrease production efficiency and thereby significantly increase costs and construction time for underground construction. Advance notice of geological uncertainties in the rock mass is the key factor for efficient risk management.
Amberg is a leading provider in the field of geophysical exploration during underground construction and provides important knowledge about the ground ahead of the working face.